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Auto Stamping+Riveting parts

Terminal/Ppring: copper、 brass、 phosphor copper、 beryllium copper、
white copper、 copper nickel、 iron、 aluminium、 stainless steel、 Monel alloy、 clad metal (self-made) etc.;
Contact: clad material: fine silver、silver nickel、silver copper、silver cadmium oxide、silver tin oxide、silver SnO2-In2O3, self-made or imported wire;
Base material: copper, copper nickel etc;

Stamping + wire riveting + inspection: single or double-wire (round/square wire) is available; many kinds of riveting methods, such as single or double-side riveting are provided; this specification can be used in single metal contacts;
Stamping + contact riveting + inspection: single (double) contacts riveting is available; this specification can be used in composite metal contacts;

The components can be used in thermostat、relay、protectors、circuit breakers、household switches、automobile panel switches、lighting switches, and so on;

Full stamping-riveting-inspection automation can be realized through improving moulds to allow for in-mould riveting and increasing mould tapping while adding a fiber sensor to detect missing riveting.This will greatly reduce labor cost and increase speed, improve precision and maintain a more stable quality when compared with traditional manual riveting.
60 million pcs/month;

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